Our Stretch Film is made from premium virgin Polyethylene and manufactured to measure with microscopic precision. It is made to provide protection for handling, storage and shipping purposes against scratching, water damage and dirt. It is considered the most cost effective and the standard option in industrial packaging around the world.

Using the best virgin LLDPE and the latest cast film technology our machines and operators are able to produce high quality stretch film consistently. We use a multi-layer technology allowing the film to be produces with exact desired specifications. This happens by mixing various Polyethylene grades each bringing a desired effect to the film.


Hand Held Stretch Film
Hand held Photo

Cut perfectly to the lengths required and rolled unto light cores, this necessary packaging tool is born, and ready to be shipped to any destination around the world. The variety in the thicknesses, widths and lengths makes it all convenient for customers to choose the perfect roll for their requirements. Whether its rolled directly by hand or through a handle, its clarity, sheer strength when pulled and its smooth touch makes it all very distinctively Al Shohra.


Machine Stretch Film
Machine stretch photo

Rolled majestically at speeds of 900m per minute onto a heavy duty blue core, our stretch film is produced with durability in mind. The tension in the film just before it rolls provides the pre-stretch that is essential for its superior physical properties, making it readily available for the pull of the wrapping machine around the world.
The machine film is easily lifted unto the machine and sits smoothly where it will start its journey of securing and protecting loads.


Low Thickness Films 

With the drive to save on plastics consumption, high performance low thickness films are the best choice of films. With lower price per pallet wrapped than any other product, it is the best option for cost saving and low consumption of stretch film.


Quality Assurance
We pride ourselves with Film Quality & Customer Service
Please download our quality assurance document.   

Bespoke Stretch Film
For the special wrapping requirements and the unique customers feel free to inquire about your required film. We can happily accommodate Bespoke requirements.

Point of Contact:
Mohammed Al-Husari
Sales Manager
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